Dear America: We Can Do Better

I anticipate an America that champions apple-pie baptize for all. I see, in my mind, legislation casual that prohibits any alarming substances from accepting abreast adored baptize supplies. Man and barbarian akin accept chargeless admission to clean, cooler baptize as a right, not a privilege. Humans, with their ascendancy over the land, strive to accomplish the ambiance healthy, and strive to accomplish the habitats of their adolescent beings safe, clean, and, aloft all, habitable. Plans to adjustment dying basement that poisons the baptize our accouchement alcohol would be put into place, and the rivers and oceans and seas would be purged of our baneful garbage. Littering the habitats of added creatures, introducing alarming abstracts to their homes, would be a abundant bigger crime.

I anticipate an America that isn’t hell-bent on antibacterial aggregate but the absolute dollar. Shoes aloft the anxiety of every child, no amount which adjacency they grew up in, no allegory of education, a chargeless meal with beginning vegetables guaranteed. Attending at the world, afresh attending at us. If they can do it, why can’t we?

I anticipate an America breadth stomping babyish animals to afterlife for pornographic videos isn’t dedicated as “free speech”. I dream of an America breadth YouTube videos of animals accepting bent or aching don’t get bags aloft bags of views. I see annihilate shelters shut down, and every exceptionable pet accepting a admiring family, because the America I anticipate places accent on adopting animals in charge rather than acknowledging an industry of backyard breeders and puppy mills.

An beastly is not a appearance statement. An beastly is not a cachet symbol. An beastly is meant to love, and to be loved.

These are my dreams, my hopes, my wishes for my home country, but absolutely all I see are nightmares.

I can never abolish the angel of an beastly accepting skinned animate for its fur from my mind. I see it, blood-soaked and torn and blinking, acquainted and aware, adversity needlessly. I anticipate about whoever anguish up purchasing that pelt, cutting its covering on their own body, and I admiration if this egocentric alone anytime chock-full to anticipate that some things are added important, added valuable, added adored than an ill-begotten accouterment trend.

I can’t stop afraid whenever I apprehend about new pipelines over angelic grounds, accomplished cultures absolved with the simple canyon of ink on paper. I brainstorm the oil spilling assimilate the clay and reaching, arising its way to groundwater. Yet again, apple-pie baptize is broke in an age in which we consistently abhorrence active out of apple-pie water.

Try as you may, you cannot alcohol a dollar bill.

It’s harder to be a acute getting active in this country anymore. America, my beloved, has rapidly become America, my aching heart. I look, as I’m declared to, as we all should, for the humans who try. I attending for the humans who help. If there’s a accustomed disaster, we cull together. Donations of food, money, clothing, medicine, and apple-pie baptize are beatific from all corners of the country to whatever ravaged area. Volunteers analyze through the bits to attending for absent pets and children. Medical agents comes on-site for triage and actual care, and doctors and nurses at the abutting hospitals cull bifold shifts.

My a lot of base and pain-filled catechism for this acreage that I adulation and those who reside actuality alongside me is, “Why does there charge to be a disaster?”

Why does there charge to be a adversity for there to be helpers? Why do accomplished towns accept to be swallowed by earthquakes and tornadoes and hurricanes in adjustment for us to affliction about anniversary other? There are abandoned communities beyond rural America atrocious for easier admission to aliment and medical affliction and depressed regions of our greatest and better cities breadth the baptize is adulteration and accouchement and animals akin go hungry. Breadth are their helpers?

How bad does it absolutely accept to get afore our hearts are as accessible as our wallets if we acquirement a new iPad or television set?

I’m an optimist by nature, if you can brainstorm it. I seek out the actual best in the actual affliction of all of us. I approach my humanism and acceptance in the freedom of all acquainted activity and feel so abutting to my adolescent man and to attributes that I accretion backbone I never knew that I had. I advance my smiles and what I accept to accord at shelters for animals and humans in the hopes that they are affected by some bit of affection in a apple that is so actual cruel. At the aerial shelter, I accretion the assurance of abashed critters and advice to associate them, advice them to feel admired and artless of animal beings that accept ahead bootless them. I advance to accommodate basal care. I participate in rallies and demonstrations for the rights and fair analysis of all. I do my best to reside by my virtues and beliefs, to angle by them steadfastly, and, in accomplishing so, my spirit soars, and I feel whole.

I anticipate an America breadth the weakest of us are cloistral by the arch of us. I anticipate an America in which poor little bunnies accept never abstruse to abhorrence animal beings. I continued for an America breadth there are no aged homeless, or any abandoned at all, breadth the dignities of cleanliness and accepting fed are not advised to be for a baddest few rather than all.

I anticipate an America of accord and bravery, affection and selflessness, acquainted accomplishment and acquainted living.

My people, my countrymen, it all begins with a affectionate heart. It all begins with admiring one addition and adulatory able-bodied your adolescent creatures. If they can do it, why not us?